Nothing short of magic.

"Quiet Seed" is the perfect name for this elegant and powerful creation. Clear your mind and allow yours to speak to you! Nothing short of magic.

Laurel H

Songs of lightness & flight.

Since having my Quiet Seed, she has become an important energy on my home altar. I feel her presence there, in the Air corner, quietly whispering to me about songs of lightness and flight. 

I take her on the retreats that I facilitate so that her energy can be shared with the group and so that it contributes to the energy and force of the group altar and the ceremonies that we share.

Her presence is indeed quiet, but very powerful. I feel the intentions that have been seeded into her enveloping and activating the energies around her. 

I am so grateful for her and for the love that she shares. — Janet Raftis, Psychic medium


I saw new possibilities.

Quiet Seeds, what a wonderful dreamy concept. I had a Quiet Seeds reading not too long ago.  I have always been interested in having a reading of some sort done, but I was hesitant to get it done either due to preconceived notions or beliefs I had been surrounded by as a child.  Then one day, my curiosity lead me to Quiet Seeds.  I found my Quiet Seed reading absolutely fascinating. I lovingly would recommend a Quiet Seeds reading.  I enjoyed myself immensely, learned some new things, saw some new possibilities and couldn’t have been happier to learn them. — G. Seaborne


It unleashed a wellspring of giggles I had forgotten existed.

My “Laughing Spirit” seed was unexpected but just what I needed; a dose of lightness and laughter! In fact, when sharing my story about my seed with a friend, I “accidentally” referred to it as “Laughing Seed”! You see, the message I had received was “laughing spirit”, and I kid you not, it unleashed a wellspring of giggles I had forgotten existed. 

As a conduit and creator, Emily conveys a deep sense of trust and confidence. I felt very heard by her, and that she gave my creation honest space for destiny, Magic, and reverence.  I love that it is beautiful and jewelry like, but I prefer to display her rather than wear her. That way she stays in one place and I can look at her and feel her every day. Also I want to hoard her energy just for me!! For the time being, lol. — Madeline Smiles



Remarkably powerful.

I was recently gifted with a custom Quiet Seed. Immediately I felt connected to it and I felt the spirit of it supporting me like a friend that showed up unexpectedly at just the right time.

The thoughtfulness and the intuitive nature of its creation (with me in mind) make it remarkably powerful and incredibly beautiful! I love my Quiet Seed! It is now a prominent member of my tribe!"

— Jenny A.


Immediately tugged on my heart.

I’ve been following @quietseeds since their start and hoped at some point to have one. Frankly, I’m in awe of the reverence and visceral intuition and connection to Spirit with which Emily brings the seeds into being. The other day she posted “Bird In Hand,” part of a batch called “Silent Answers,” and it immediately tugged on my heart. I am living in some newfound silence, seeking to establish my practice as a mode of being rather than moments stolen here and there from a noisy life. Emily described the seed as “the mother-of-pearl bird sits in the howlite hand, as it waits for you to come back to meditation.” Birds feature prominently in my practice. I’d also been wanting some howlite, tourmalated quartz, and moonstone, all of which Emily intuitively combined in this piece. While making it, the pinky of the hand broke off. She considered replacing it but realized that it was part of the seed’s story now, so she glued it back on. I told her this reflects the philosophy of wabi-sabi, the acceptance of imperfection. The pinky is also the finger of Mercury, communication, and its breaking and mending only deepens its beauty and meaning. I am thankful to give this seed a home. – Darin M.

Painting by  Miranda Meeks

Painting by Miranda Meeks

Uniquely tooled for me.

My Quiet Seed hangs on my wall across from my bed. It urges me to step into my power and be a leader. It was born from the depth of Emily’s creative intuition, and has an Earthy animal-ness to it unique to her, yet uniquely tooled for me. It’s my urban man tribal call. – Scott Hall, Psychic medium


She helps to raise my joy factor.

My Quiet Seed has found its place on my altar. Having her there reminds me to embrace my truth with humility. Her energy supports me in taking the space needed in the world to make a positive impact.

When I need her closer, I clip her on a chain and wear her close to my heart. She helps me to raise my Joy Factor.

Wendy Watkins