So glad you're considering a custom Quiet Seed. Here's what goes into your personalized piece:


Step 1: Ceremonial Reading

Offerings are placed on the altar and prayers are said. Next, your spirit friends show up en masse to direct cards, feathers, gemstones, and other symbols—each with a message to place meaning into your Seed.

Custom Quiet Seed creation. A seed on the workbench.

Step 2: Quiet Seed Building

Pulling objects from my collection of antiques, baubles, gemstones, and other hand-picked items, your Quiet Seed starts to take shape.


Step 3: Recap Snap & Seed Sent to You

In addition to your channeled Quiet Seed, you’ll receive a picture of the altar with explanations of what altar items mean and what messages were received from your guides and angels to bring your special creation to life.

Custom Quiet Seed
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Before you hit “Add to Cart”

A couple things to know:

1) If you’d like to order one for a friend, be sure to ask their permission first.

I’ll be asking their guides to help direct me and if they’re not down, well, that just won’t work.

2) If it’s for you, ask yourself this question: “Do I want to allow Spirit to tell me what It wants me to know? In other words, to 'just receive' or do I want to direct it with an affirmation of my own?"

If an affirmation, write it in the present tense, like "I am stepping fully into my authentic self." Or how about, "I am a badass warrior who is fully capable of rocking my corporate gig." You could also send a simple word that represents what you want most, like "Joy," "Peace," or "Love." Heck, if you're so inclined, throw in a few adjectives with it like, "Overflowing and joyous abundance" for added oomph.

3) Because of the level of personalization required to create your custom Quiet Seed, refunds are not given.

As for the making:

Your object is placed on an altar with tobacco, candles, flowers. These are offerings to Sprit and your angelic team. It's kind of like a hand written thank you note of sorts. A Thanks-for-the-Seed-support-y'all-you're-so-awesome! You know, #RESPECT.

A prayer is said and the quiet doing begins.

Sometimes feathers will ask to nestle in, sometimes it's stones. Whatever comes, each item has its own voice and adds to the meaning of your Seed.

Example? Sure!

Ahem... Jen asked for Spirit to offer up a message just for her. 

I pulled a vintage pendant from my collection and on the altar it went—candles were lit, prayers said. 

Next thing you know, it asked to be placed on a smoky quartz and I was pulling all kinds of feathers—most of them blue. I heard, "Bluebirds of happiness—these are Jen's main animal angels." Kewl! 

For her reading ceremony, I started shuffling my Angels Divinity Deck. I asked for the theme of her Quiet Seed to show itself. Well! The "Spiritual Growth" card jumped and flipped over on the table. Pushy, but pretty clear. Also pulled? Listening and Forgiveness.

The "friendship" card from Oracle of Oddities was also pretty insistent. It, too, practically flew out of the deck while I shuffled. I heard, "Tell her this reading comes in friendship and love to support her." No problemo.

With all the feathers and wings showing up, I pulled from the Feather Omens deck and man did the birds have a lot to tell her. So did the deer and beaver from the deck I'm most bonded with: Medicine Cards, an animal totem deck.

Cards from the various decks paired with each other to deliver a few key messages:

  • Vulture + Spiritual Growth = This is major transformation, buckle up kiddo!

  • Deer + Forgiveness = No more beating yourself up. Be gentle about you-know-what.

  • Beaver + Listening = Trust your gut in business, because girl...you're right.

I thought the pendant probably didn't need anything else, but nope. Spirit wasn't done. A shilling, complete with a hole drilled at the top, caught my eye.

Suddenly, the other cards I hadn't quite gotten a "hit" on made sense. The cards, all that suggested abundance and the hastening of manifestation, lined up behind the coin in my mind's eye. Of course!

When I sent her the print out of the reading and her Quiet Seed, I asked Jen to be sure to email me and let me know if any of it resonated with her.

She wrote back saying, “Um wow. This all makes so much sense with what’s happening in my personal and work life. Thank you so much for affirming I’m on the right path!!”


So, there ya go. That’s how a custom Quiet Seed comes about. : )