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What’s a Quiet Seed?

Little objects infused with big spirit? Touchstones? Wall hangings that tell you "Go get 'em Tiger!" every day as you walk out your front door? Yep. Quiet Seeds are objects bathed in Spirit’s messages for you. And those messages are #FreakingAwesome

You could call them altar pieces, too. They do sit on several, so they probably wouldn't object. People have labeled them "special somethings" to keep at the office. You know, a sweet reminder you're loved and supported just as that toxic co-worker walks by your desk? Yep. That’s what’s up with Quiet Seeds. 

Made in reverence, y’all.


Quiet Seeds have a mind of their own. Here’s what they often want to become: 

Peruvian jungle necklace wall hanging adds to the magic of Miranda Meeks' snakey "December" limited edition print.

Wall bling.

Dark chain and quartz strand with hematite ball and clutch of star beads offer support to the meditator.

Meditation support.

Antique gold watchchain is paired with a small, vintage bird next to a Pelican flight feather.

Altar or desk buddy.

Two vintage chains and a large vertebrae bone make up a statement necklace that hangs on the declotage of a strong African-American woman.

Big ass jewelry.